Arquitectura del S.XVIII en Ferrol de la Ilustración

The construction of the Naval Base in 1750 marked a turning point for Ferrol because it helped to define a model of an enlightened city hitherto unheard of in the state. This pioneering complex brought with it the need to design a new town, a city conceived in a planned, comprehensive manner, fruit of a broad, well-thought out building project that was more than just purely architectural, which in turn opened the door for the entry of classicist precepts, both in public life and in the artistic and constructive language of Galicia.

This journey will introduce us to the Enlightened Ferrol of the 18th century through 25 unique architectures that directly witnessed the birth of the Departmental City. This will allow us to get to know the classicist dwellings of the Magdalena neighbourhood, the buildings of what is thought to be the first working class district of Galicia, located in Esteiro, religious constructions and hospitals, as well as military and civil works infrastructures.



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