Castillo de San Felipe

Saturdays at 17:00
Sundays at 17:00



A visit to the castle of San Felipe is essential when visiting Ferrol. We start at its entrance and then we will go through this impressive fortification of the 18th century of 16,000 m2 through its different courtyards, low and high battery and parade ground.

But it is essential that you make this visit with a guide because the castle is empty and if you don’t have us by your side to explain the origin, the history, the evolution of the fortification, if we don’t accompany you to show you the most hidden and curious corners, if we do not explain you what certain parts were for and why it is like this, you will stay halfway and you will only see large stone walls at the edge of the sea.

For all this, we offer you a guided tour full of information. From how they fired a muzzleloader to the reason why we have three castles in the Ría very close together. We will tell you about the castle’s distant past as well as its present and its most recent history. We will discover everything that the stones do not tell you.

Available on Saturdays in March, April and May. Subject to the evolution of the sanitary conditions of the covid19 pandemic.

Price: 10 € per person.

Maximum capacity: 8 people.


  • Guided tour will take place on Saturdays at 17:00 hour.
  • This visit last 1 hour and a half.
  • This visit is not accessible.
  • Mandatory use of mask
  • ID card or Passport is required

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Folleto Castillo San Felipe


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