The Sociedade Mixta de Turismo de Ferrol S.A. is an entity mainly of public capital. It is made up by Ferrol City Council, the Asociación de Empresarios de Hostelería de Ferrol y comarcas (local tourist companies association) and the Ferrol Official Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation, currently in the process of dissolution and managed by an independent administrator.

The company is governed by the legal provisions in force and the particular provisions set out in the Corporate Bylaws,  which were approved by Plenary agreement of Ferrol City Council.

The tourism company aims to promote, develop and enhance economic and social activities that, directly or indirectly, contribute to promoting the development of tourism in Ferrol. It also manages the attention service of two tourist information offices owned by the Ferrol city council. Additionally, it is the managing entity in Ferrol of the SICTED tourism quality projet.

For the fulfillment of its corporate purpose, the  Sociedade Mixta de Turismo de Ferrol will carry out the following actions:

– the promotion and exploitation of the tourist resources of Ferrol.

– the planning and development of the tourist sector in Ferrol to improve its productive structure and human resources.

-the creation and marketing of tourist products and services, as well as the organization of all kind of events (cultural, sports, etc.), generators of direct or indirect tourist attraction.

– the development and management of branding campaigns, communication and tourist promotion of Ferrol.

– the realization of studies, tourism plans and action programs that contribute to a better knowledge and development of the local tourism market and the execution of specific actions for the empowerment of the different tourist industries (meetings, cultural and urban tourism, active tourism, etc).

– the collaboration and cooperation with all types of private or public agents and institutions, from different territorial scope, that favor the tourist development of Ferrol (city networks, concerted plans, etc).

– the commercial exploitation of publications, brochures, corporative image, symbols and anagrams, produced by the own entity.

These actions can be carried out not only in Ferrol, but throughout the whole Spanish territory and even abroad.

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