The event began 16 years ago with Eduardo Hermida painting a Menina on a wall in Canido, a neighborhood of Ferrol that was somewhat abandoned, but that today has been rehabilitated and is the fashionable neighborhood, since it has become an open-air museum, with one of the most important street-art festivals in Europe.

Every year, Meninas de Canido brings together around 100 artists: painters, photographers, sculptors, poets, filmmakers, actors, dancers and musicians… from different parts of the world.

Meninas de Canido will take place on September 1, 2 and 3, establishing itself as the last great summer event in Ferrol.

Artistic initiative promoted by the local painter Eduardo Hermida that has been developed in recent years in the neighborhood of Canido with the support of the Council of Ferrol and other private sponsors.

From the 30th of August to the 1st of September, the event of the Meninas’ painters will be held throughout the Canido neighborhood. It is a unique opportunity to see how they create new Meninas or restore some that have broken down over time. The neighborhood is full with art, musica and a festive atmosphere. In total there are already more than 300 Meninas and they are a tourist attraction by their own right.

To lighten up the event, musical performances, photography and plastic workshops are organized as well as an art market, etc.

Meninas route!


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